Nalu – Hawaiian word meaning to surf, or go with the the flow; Mana – Hawaiian word meaning personal power; life force energy


Nalumana** supports women to ride the waves of life’s transitions in a way that brings them closer to their personal power – that unwavering sense of who they are, what matters most, and what’s possible.



As a doula, I help women transition to motherhood confidently, fostering their ability to listen to their intuition, and supporting them as they navigate their new identity as “mother.”

As a coach, I work with women whose lives are in transition, and who want that transition to bring them a greater sense of alignment between the lives they are living and their values, desires, and purpose.

My expertise is in holding space for women at a Threshold in their lives, co-creating meaningful rites of passage and support for their transformation.



My intention is to support women in the ways we were supported in women-revering cultures of old




providing individualized mentorship and teachings

fostering a strong community of likeminded women

creating opportunities for women to connect with Mother Earth

 guiding meaningful rituals that support self-awareness and sisterhood


I offer women tangible solutions for times of complex change; guiding steps in unknown, liminal spaces; a sense of community, and an unwavering belief in their feminine power.



About Me



Hi!  I’m Jessie Harrold.  I am the creator and community catalyst behind Nalumana. With academic degrees in Neuroscience and Health Promotion and professional training as a life coach and doula, I bring a diversity of talents and curiosities to this work. Before starting Nalumana, I worked and studied in the field of women’s wellness for over a decade.  I have a deep commitment to creating and sharing empowering transformational experiences with women.  

I am a mama of two small bundles of energy and love (children, that is) and a wife to a pretty great guy I met underwater. I am a relieved introvert, finally at peace with my solitary inclinations (INFJ, BTW), a fairly serious foodie and a writer at heart. I can eat an embarrassing quantity of Cantonese pastries when no one is looking, and can’t decide if I prefer the ocean or the woods.

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Join Nalu Cafe, the powerful, supportive online community of women all going through transition in their lives, and who want live from a place of authenticity, intention, and courage.   Here, you can engage in meaningful conversation, get free resources and self-coaching prompts, read inspiring articles, participate in virtual women’s circles, and more.


Download the Alignment Starter Kit.  If, like so many women I work with, you’re feeling like the life you’re living doesn’t match the life you desire, the Alignment Starter Kit is a great way to explore what areas of your life feel misaligned, and what you can do to start feeling like yourself again.  Women who have completed the kit have realized that small shifts can catalyze big change, and have found themselves with the clarity to make decisions that make them happier, more fulfilled, and more in alignment with their values, purpose and potential.


If you’re a mama-to-be, download the Birth Principles Workbook, otherwise known as birth planning with soul.  In my nine years as a doula, this is what I think really matters when it comes to empowered birth.


 Check out the Nalumana blog.  I write there every week on the topics of life transition, alignment and authenticity, motherhood, empowerment, self-care and more.



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**I cannot claim to have even one tiny bit of Hawaiian ancestry in my lineage.  I have studied Hawaiian mythology and culture at length, and am in deep gratitude to the many Hawaiian shamans, kahunas, mythologists and scholars who have allowed me to come to revere this beautiful culture.  In my study of my own Celtic ancestry, I see so many parallels between the goddess-centred mythology of these two cultures, and am fortunate to have an ever-deeper knowledge of both. 



Outake:  this is what I’m really here for…


**warning:  these words are fierce, and they might make you feel pretty fierce too….


We live in a world where women still earn, on average, only 80% of what men do. Women do the bulk of unpaid household work. Women are made up, dressed down, numbed and shamed. We are taught to live in fear, lest we be violated. Women are still fighting for basic human rights, all over the world. When we birth, the wildness of our bodies is so frightening to the archetypically masculine system within which so many of us birth that we are routinely reigned in and shut up. We are told to resume “life as normal” as soon as possible after birth, lest we be *lost* to the transformational power of living as our instincts demand. Our blood is dirty and we are told, day in and day out, that we are never, ever enough.

This way of being keeps ALL of us small. The patriarchical thinking that brought us here is rooted in fear and discourages men from stepping into their own power. Because a truly powerful masculine is one that is unafraid of the feminine. Unafraid of her body, her tears, her wildness.

But I have made my work the work of witnessing women rising. Women asking for what they want; demanding it. Women who refuse to settle for less any longer. Women who are, at long last, able to actually HONOUR their wild ways, their intuition, their bodies, their archetypical feminine, through work, play, childbearing, and circling up.

We are circling up, and it’s fucking fierce.

The transformation will be feminine in and of itself: collaborative, gravitational, and undeniable. It will feel like instinct, at first, like a slow awakening, and then one day, we will have risen.