Birth Support

I believe that an empowered birth can be transformational.


As a doula, I support women who want to experience birth as an exquisite opportunity to discover the breadth of their strength and the depth of their self-awareness. I have witnessed, time and again, that when a woman is supported to birth with confidence, to acknowledge and step into the unknown, to summon more strength than she knew she had, the result is not just a positive birth experience, but in fact the realization that she can do anything.



I believe that birth has the ability to do so much more than bring a baby into the world.

Birth also creates a new woman.  A woman who never before truly understood the breadth of her own strength, the power of her own body, and the depth of her own love.


“It’s hard not to think of Jessie when my daughters’ birthdays pass by because of the confident support and loving care she provided.  She was calm, which calmed me.  I’m so grateful for her presence and wisdom.”  –Amber


I help women birth confidently and on their own terms.  Women who work with me as their doula receive evidence-based informational and physical support for their birth, including specific techniques to manage the intensity of labour and communicate clearly with their health professionals. With my nine years of experience in birth practice, I help women to navigate best evidence and their own preferences for their birth process vis-a-vis the practices and policies of the system within which they choose to birth.  One of my greatest strengths is my ability to also help women prepare emotionally and mentally for birth and motherhood.  My goal is to help my clients tap into their confidence, acknowledge and step into their fears, and to feel supported and empowered throughout their birth experience.

  “It’s hard to express how wonderful it was to have Jessie with me as I worked through labour and learning to breastfeed.  I called Jessie again for my second baby because I could not imagine being in the delivery room without her. I am so glad that I did because her support for my whole family was really invaluable.  She empowered me to make choices for my own body and my babies: while pregnant; in labour and while fighting for my desire to breastfeed.”         –Christina


My complete birth support package includes:


1 complementary half-hour consultation: your chance to interview me and ensure I’m the doula for you!

2-3 prenatal meetings during which you and your chosen support person will learn more about labour and birth, talk about fears and expectations, discuss medical options, explore comfort measures for birth, create a birth intentions document, and chat about infant feeding and the postpartum period.

Continuous support for labour and birth, including on-call support from two weeks before your due date until your baby arrives.

Reliable back-up support for your labour, meaning that a doula with a similar philosophy and experience level will also be on-call in case I am ill or other extenuating circumstances prevent me from attending your birth.

2-3 post-natal visits to talk about your birth experience, to provide support with breastfeeding and transitioning to parenthood.

Birth story (optional)

Access to my personal library of birth resources


“Our experience was overwhelmingly positive. You helped me ask questions of the rest of the health care team and your support made me feel empowered when I would express my preferences. We felt comfortable with you immediately. You encouraged us to think more deeply and critically about what we hoped for in a labour and delivery experience. You were reliably responsive and encouraging and we never felt like we were asking too much. Apprehension transitioned to excitement and fear became more of a curiosity. We approached that special day with a gradually increasing confidence, fostered through our conversations together and collaborating with you. We fully trusted you and valued your support and we always looked forward to our meetings prior to the birth. My husband called you during my early labour – he needed to hear your voice and be reminded of what he could do to support me. I’m so thankful he felt he could call you. When you came in person, it seemed like the perfect time. It felt like you were meant to be there – a natural, comforting presence the whole way through. You helped lower my blood pressure! You encouraged me to move! You brought my baby girl to my husbands arms and helped him feel less terrified! You locked eyes and moaned with me! You made me feel like a hero! This support you provided was critical for us. You “gave it to us straight”, and we really needed that. The realities of sleep deprivation and breastfeeding and being sad and feeling lost was something we were not prepared for, and when it happened, we reminded ourselves of your coaching and supported each other through it. My husband and I think hiring you was the first great decision we made as parents!”  –Angela



More About Me



I have been a doula for nine years; I am a DONA Certified Birth Doula and a Breastfeeding Educator. I am a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, and have invested in many continuing education opportunities and mentorships to help me learn more about natural remedies that support birthing women. I have also trained in birth story healing and integration work, and I am a trained and passionate Spinning Babies practitioner.  In addition to providing doula services, I am very active in the Halifax birth community, having acted as the Director of Education for the Nova Scotia Doula Association for two years, and as a volunteer doula with the Halifax Volunteer Doula Program, most recently acting in the capacity of Coordinator of this Program for a one year term.

As a doula, I am committed to nurturing empowered and informed birth experiences for my clients. Clients who work with me can expect a down-to-earth approach, evidence-based care, and support for all decisions taken with regard to medications, interventions and infant feeding.

I am also a certified professional life coach from the Centre for Applied Neuroscience.  I use my coaching background to support women through the life transformation that motherhood represents.  I have my Level II Reiki certification, and am an Infant Massage Instructor, and bring those aspects of my skill set to birth as well.

Perhaps most importantly, I am the mother of two beautiful children, each birthed powerfully in their own way.


“In those many moments of uncertainty in the first few weeks, you were my go-to. A doula, a lactation educator, and a mama of two, I felt comfortable asking for your help and felt good about the information you gave me. I had so many questions about everything and you were helpful with all of them!”  — Meredith


“The preparation for my second child’s birth was bringing back memories of the birth of my first child and I was looking for support in working through those feelings to prepare for a more positive birth experience.I had recently decided that it was important for me to aim for a VBAC instead of a repeat cesarean.  I’m really not sure how I would have done it without you! I appreciate your gentle support and guidance (even when I was seriously less than calm). I was so glad to have you there to help me stick to my birth plan as much as possible and to offer up suggestions on what might make me more comfortable, etc. When the intensity got to be more than what I was expecting it was scary for me and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it so it was especially helpful to me to have your support in those moments.”  –Jennifer



Your investment:




When you click the link you will be sent to my contact page, where you can email me requesting to set up a no-obligation consultation session.  We will work together to find a time that works for an in-person meeting.  I can’t wait to meet you!




Why do people hire a doula?


Doulas are trained non-clinical birth support people who have an in-depth understanding of a woman’s physical, emotional and informational needs prenatally, during labour, and in the early postpartum weeks. Studies have shown that doulas reduce women’s risk of intervention during labour, reduce their likelihood of requesting pain medication, increase their success with breastfeeding initiation, and reduce a woman’s risk of postpartum depression. Doulas do not replace your partner or other primary support person, but rather work together with that person to ensure you have continuous, compassionate support throughout the duration of your labour and birth. Women who hire a doula for their birth want to feel as though their wishes are heard during their birthing process, and to feel confident and positive as they bring their babies into the world.


Free Resource


The Birth Principles Workbook will help you to prepare for your birth in a more resilient, empowered way than a birth plan.  Though informed choice is paramount, knowing how to navigate changes to the “plan” is of the utmost importance too.  This free resource will help you do just that.


Get to know me on the Birthful Podcast! 




“There are no two ways about it: a mother must be mothered in mothering her own offspring. Though a woman has an inalienable spiritual and physical bond with her offspring, in the world of the instinctual Wild Woman, she does not just suddenly become a fully formed temporal mother all by herself…for eons this role was served by the older women of the tribe or village. These human “goddess mothers” constituted an essential female-to-female nutritional system that nourished the young mothers in particular, teaching them how to nourish the psyches and souls of their young in return”  
–Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With The Wolves