In times and places long ago and far away, women were supported through the transitions in their lives and the changes in the seasons with sisterhood, community support, and ritual rites of passage.  Being nurtured and honoured in this way made these transitions times of great power and reverence for women.

It’s in recognition of this that Nalumana offers 


Seasonal Women’s Circles


reWILD Adventure Retreats


Sacred Pregnancy Weekend Retreats



Women’s lives have always kept pace with the fluctuations of Mother Earth.  Because my work centres around supporting women through times of transition, I hold women’s circles on the Spring Equinox and the Winter Solstice to support and celebrate women through the changes in the seasons, and in their lives.




This retreat is a chance to explore your deepest feelings about transitioning to motherhood.  This isn’t about learning about your options at the hospital or breastfeeding 101.  This is about you becoming someone different than you were before:  a mother, a mother of two, a different woman.




Think of reWILD as a Wilderness Quest; a rite of passage for the woman you are becoming.  Some of our most empowering experiences – the ones that propel us into the knowledge of our own strength and courage – happen in the great outdoors.  Profound clarity, connection with mind and body, and alignment with who you are and how you want to live your life unfold when you live more closely to the Earth.  With this powerful knowledge in mind, Nalumana offers women opportunities to commune with Mother Nature on ReWILD Adventure Retreats.