Life Coaching

You’re going through a life transition: you’re changing careers or moving cities or becoming a mother


(or maybe you just know something needs to change, but you’re not sure what)

But this transition is so much more than a different job title or address or a family.


This transition is also about remembering who you are.


Because you’ve come to the realization that you’re no longer interested in societally-defined markers of “success”

and you want to chart your own path.


What you’re experiencing is not just a life change

it’s a transition into alignment between the life you’re living and your deepest values, desires, and purpose.


It’s a desire to live authentically, courgeously.  In alignment with who you are, what matters most, and what’s possible for your life.


It happens most often when you realize that you’ve been doing things, saying things, agreeing to things, and believing things that are not authentically you. You get the overwhelming feeling that you’re doing what you should be doing…but it doesn’t take long before you can lose where you end and where the expectations, preferences and beliefs of others begin.  Soon, changing your life begins to feel challenging:  you likely have a whole bunch of responsibilities – a house, a job, a partner, kids – that are relying on you to stay the same.


There are some areas of your life that might feel like dead-ringers for misalignment:

a successful career that is sucking your life force

a life overburdened with chaos and full calendars

a body that is being neglected and unloved

a relationship that is draining and unfulfilling


Misalignment can also show up as a vague sense of unease:  when women experience this, they can’t quite pinpoint exactly what feels misaligned.  This variation on the experience often shows up as feeling not quite right, or having a feeling of nostalgia for a time when you felt more like yourself, more alive, or more connected.


Misalignment causes many women to experience


uncertainty, and the feeling that “everything is up in the air”

imposter syndrome

people pleasing, feelings of not being enough

and a wicked case of self-doubt.


For so many women, going through this transition – the transition into alignment between the life they’re living and the life that feels authentic to them – is very isolating

And yet I see this experience in so many women I work with, I’ve become convinced it’s a movement.

A rising up.



“My whole life has been a building up – accumulating things, experiences, career objectives – and now I feel like I’m dismantling things.”    — Michelle


“it seemed like it took so long to make any of the pieces fit…like I was making the puzzle myself”  
— Jennifer



Women’s transition into alignment shows up in so many different and beautiful ways: 


One of my clients quit her boring desk job to become an aquarium curator;

Another started a now-thriving art business.  

One client found the self-worth and confidence to demand more flexibility from her crazy-busy job;

Another explored who she was and what she was committed to as she transitioned to motherhood.

  Still another woman dismantled harmful old patterns and found ways to cultivate deeper and more meaningful relationships with the people around her.  

Women I’ve worked with talk about becoming “The New Me.”  They get outside more, they get in touch with the exquisite language of their bodies, they try meditating, and sometimes they dye their hair purple (seriously, it’s true).  Women I know who have traversed this path toward alignment talk about feeling calm, free, light, courageous and empowered.  They feel like they’ve stopped striving for the sake of striving, and they talk about feeling truly alive again.


This is going to feel like an awakening.


“You know when you’re standing in the truth of who you are:  it feels like home. You know what you’re meant to do, there’s almost a power you can feel.”  –Terra


As a coach, I am committed to supporting you to explore who you are and what you want for your life.

When we begin coaching together, we’ll dive right into your experience of transition, exploring what feels aligned and what you’d like to see shift.  You might know, already, what you’d like to change, or you might just have a vague sense of unease with your life.

We’ll begin to unearth your values, your purpose, and who you are

while dismantling the stories and patterns that are keeping you in a state of misalignment.

I will help you attend to your self-care, to the relationships that might be shifting as you are, and to the cultivation of your sense of inner knowing

And at the same time as all this deep inner work, I’ll support you to catalyze tangible, meaningful change in your life, whether that’s quitting your job and starting a business, becoming a mother, deciding to travel the world, or finding the courage to have a tough conversation with a loved one.


“Coaching requires you to show up for yourself, for your own life, and know truth, even when it’s hard to hear.  The truly amazing thing about coaching with Jessie, for me, was that it left me with the courage and tools to do that. It’s brutally hard to do, to show up for yourself, but it feels worthwhile and POSSIBLE because of all the re-framing and perspective shifting we did together. And the positive changes and big shifts in situations that have long been “stuck” shows how badly my life really needed this! Such a joy to work with her, I can’t recommend it enough!”  —Amanda


“Jessie, what have you unleashed? Ladies, next time she’s taking on clients, if you’re on the fence (like I was), just go for it! Two sessions down and such a great investment!” –Tyla


“Receiving tailored coaching and guidance during this life-changing moment for me was a blessing. Jessie wasn’t afraid to ask me the hard questions which in turn, helped me ask myself the hard questions and re-evaluate what my priorities in life truly were. She’s able to seize and analyze the situation pretty quickly and asks the right questions, even if they are hard”  –Nathalie


More About Me



My approach to life coaching is equal parts intuitive and evidence-based, alchemical and methodical.  I am trained and certified through the Centre for Applied Neuroscience, and I have advanced degrees in Neuroscience and Health Promotion.  To my coaching, I bring philosophies and practices based in behaviour change theory, neuroscience, traditional wisdom, mindfulness, intuition, positive psychology, archetypal analysis, somatic experiencing, adventure therapy and complex adaptive systems theory.  My training and coaching philosophy is a unique, thoughtful approach grounded both in scientific inquiry and an empathetic sensitivity toward my client’s life situations.  I am equal parts visionary and action-oriented, and help women dig deep and move forward through identity-shifting life experiences.


“Jessie nails it on the head for myself and so many of the women I am connected with. Getting to the nitty gritty of where my thoughts and heart are at through her alignment work + coaching has been amazing. She’s got a soul-opening, no bullshit approach to figuring out how to transform your life.  If this resonates with you, Jessie has created a powerful online community of women. It’s been so beautiful to connect and share with women feeling as lost, vulnerable, passionate and rebellious as me.” – Andrea


Your gentle, no non-sense approach was so refreshing Jessie. My life has been enriched by your true presence, your capacity for seeing clearly, your creative nature and your deep compassion.  Our sessions were rich and meaningful. You asked the tough questions that get to the heart of the matter. Our conversations left me feeling renewed and encouraged to live life to the fullest, with a new found sense of purpose.  –Micheline

Here’s how it works:  

We’ll start with a complementary, no obligation, half hour consultation: this is your chance to share what you might like to achieve through coaching, and for me to share with you how I might be able to support you as your coach.  You get to use your intuition during this consultation to decide whether you feel we’d be a good client-coach fit.  

We’ll have six (6) 1 hour coaching sessions over a 3 month period via Skype.  With six sessions together, we’ve got time to really dig into where in your life you’re feeling least aligned, what old patterns and stories might be holding you back, and to take some inspired action in the direction of your more aligned life.

Audio recordings of each session that you can revisit at any time.

Weekly “check-in” emails – for support, encouragement and motivation.  

Co-created “self-work,” as our coaching relationship evolves.  Women I’ve worked with have made big blue-sky mind maps of “what’s possible,” they’ve started mindfulness practices, they’ve developed heart-centred business plans.  This work is always fun, always a bit challenging, and it guaranteed to spark some big “aha’s.”

Your investment:

$800 (CDN)
or 4 payments of $220 (CDN)


“I truly had a very honest, empowering and powerful life coaching session with Jessie Harrold last night 💜 It was simply… WOW! It’s not easy to realize that sometimes in life, you need a bit of guidance on certain things from an outside person who truly listens to what you say and HOW you say it. Jessie totally put certain things about myself and my life into perspective, once again.”  –Nathalie


“Six weeks ago I left a very secure job for one that better aligns with my core values. A coaching session with Jessie helped me to be attuned to a tendency I have to feel unworthy. Armed with that insight I stopped believing stories I had been telling myself and could easily see the misalignment between my outer and inner worlds. Thanks Jessie for helping me to recognize and grasp an opportunity for alignment.


“Jess, thank you is not adequate to express my gratitude for your support. You listened so deeply and were so present. It is not often that I experience that. When it was right, you shone the light so I could find the threads. So many connections, so many aha moments since our conversation.”  –Katharina


When you click the link, you’ll be sent to my online booking system to schedule your consultation session. We’ll chat via Skype and you will have the opportunity to decide if coaching together is for you, if this feels like the right time, and if I feel like the right gal for the job. I’m excited to chat with you!



  “Jessie truly is committed to her mission to empower women and I’m so glad that I have her on my team. Without Jess I would still be stuck in my basement making paintings, dreaming of being a real artist. Thanks to her, my dream has become real and continues to grow beyond my expectations.”  — Jenn


“I am feeling confident and empowered.  Feeling heard and validated.  Coaching helped me to dig deeper and discover my vast potential.  It feels liberating to speak to someone likeminded, and to feel empowered along the journey”  –Amanda
“Thank you. Even when I’m not directly speaking with you or working specifically on something we planned, I feel like you give me the energy and awareness to move ahead in the direction of my greater good. You’re always with me.”  –Jenn


“I am never the same after one of our conversations and always in a good way.”  –Nicole




More About Coaching
Life coaching gets the worst rap for being a bit cheesy sounding, or for being only for mala bead-clad naval-gazers. But I can attest, firsthand, that all the biggest, boldest, best changes in my life have been birthed alongside the help of a coach. Life coaching tips its’ methodological and philosophical hat to positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, neuroscience, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, change theory and adult learning. Coaches are trained to help clients gain insight into their values and how they might be holding themselves back by using specific questioning and exploration techniques that disrupt old thought patterns and invite space for change. Coaches are also actualization ninjas, meaning they’re the best at helping you figure out what’s next and how to get there.

How do I know I’m ready for coaching?
Generally, the women that I coach with are smart, savvy, self-aware ladies who have already tried journalling, self-help-book-reading, girlfriend-gabbing, sweating/meditating (eating/shopping), pros and cons list-making and various and sundry other efforts to find more alignment in their lives.
It goes without saying that the women I work with are committed to change…
…but when all is said and done, there is something incredibly powerful about having a skilled and sensitive coach guide you through a process of self-discovery. As a coach, my prerogative is to engage you in powerful conversations that make you think about your life in a way you’ve never considered. My job is to dare you to try something you haven’t tried yet, and to lovingly challenge the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back.

Why six sessions?
I’ve tried various permutations and combinations of coaching packages, and six is the best.  Six sessions feels like ease.  There is time for us to giggle and get to know each other.  There is time for you to try new things, to take what we’ve talked about and let it percolate for a while.  There are sessions that will, as they say, “deepen the question,” and there are sessions that will “further the action.”  Some sessions will feel hugely transformative, and others will feel integrative.  Six sessions allows for all of that, for the process of your alignment to unfold organically.

Coaching is an investment. Will it be worth it?
When I signed on to work with one-on-one with my first coach, it was the first time I had invested that kind of money in my own personal development and growth.  It involved some budgeting and a good dose of self-worth as I justified the expense to my hubby.  But I was so, so ready.  When I clicked “pay now,” it felt like an electric current of pure elation had run through my body:  I felt like I had just signed up for a year’s worth of weekly massages, like I had committed to my own self-care in a way that I had never done before.  And honestly?  All the biggest, best, boldest changes in my life have happened as a result of coaching (except for my kids…that was straight-up hanky panky).  Trust yourself:  you’ll know when the time is right, and when it is, coaching can be pure magic.

What if I’m not sure yet?
Readiness for coaching is so important, as is feeling like you’ve found the right coach.  In my experience, it’s important to take the time to dance around the idea of coaching, what you want coaching to achieve for you, and feeling like you’ve found a coach who gets you, and would be fun to work with.  Find out a little bit more about your own personal process of alignment, read the Nalumana blog, learn a little bit more about me and who I am.  Also, the no-obligation consultation call is literally that:  No. Obligation.  You can set one up, we’ll chat for half an hour and our time together might help you to decide if coaching is for you, now or sometime down the road.  I’ll be here when you’re ready.

How is 1:1 coaching different than your online program SeaCHANGE: The Art of Navigating Transition?
SeaCHANGE is a self-paced, 8 module online program aimed to support you during a shift in your life, and to help you make that shift in a way that brings you closer into alignment with yourself. There are very specific modules on topics like deciphering your values, what feels misaligned in your life currently, letting go of what’s not working for you, setting small goals to help you feel more aligned, self-care, and navigating changes to your relationships. 1:1 coaching will support you to dive even deeper into your very unique process of transition and alignment-seeking. We each navigate this process in a complex web of life circumstances, relationships and personal histories and patterns. Coaching can help you delve into these, exploring how they are impacting your ability to find alignment and, ultimately, fulfillment. In addition, coaching may narrow in specifically on your intention for transition in one particular area of your life, like starting a business, leaving a relationship, or becoming a mother, for example.



In the meantime, you can also check out the Alignment Starter Kit, which will help kick start you along your path toward alignment.  It’s a great way to experience what coaching with me might be like, totally free.