reWILD Retreats

Think of a reWILD Adventure Retreat as a Wilderness Quest; a rite of passage for the woman you are becoming.


Some of our most empowering experiences – the ones that propel us into the knowledge of our own strength and courage – happen in the arms of Mother Earth.  Profound clarity, connection with mind and body, and alignment with who you are and how you want to live your life unfolds when you give yourself the opportunity to live in closer connection with the earth.  

Many cultures know this so deeply that initiates to a new life phase are sent out on a vision quest to pare away all that was and make space for the person they are becoming.  

Today, however, for many of us, the idea of a ritual rite of passage to guide and honour us through life transitions has been lost.  As a result, we often flounder and feel lost during these times in our lives, rather than feeling full of power and potential.



reWILD supports women to relocate their wild selves.

reWILD supports you to come home to yourself as a WILD WOMAN

a woman who is influenced by the moon and the tides.

reWILD will reunite you with a lost part of yourself, showing you

who you are when you sync up with the rhythms of the earth,

who you are when you can trust your body and your abilities,

who you are when you get still enough to be guided by your own inner knowing.


You are not overly emotional here.

You don’t need to be organized and controlled and perfect here.

You are by divine design, just the way you are. 



How do I know reWILD is for me?


ReWILD is for women who are craving connection to themselves, the earth, and other women who are going through similar transitional experiences in their lives.  These retreats are the answer to your need for deep self-exploration, exquisite self-care, and guidance as you navigate what is shifting in your life right now.  If you feel called to connect with your intuition and a greater sense of clarity about your life through cultivating inner knowing, reWILD retreating can support you in this.  If you want to cavil in the moonlight like the wild woman you are, learn how to start a fire, listen carefully to the sounds of the night, or feel the rush of lake water against your naked body, you can do that here too.


What will I experience at a reWILD retreat? 


Each reWILD retreat is different, but at its heart, it’s an outdoor adventure experience deepened by soulful coaching, nourishing food, and wild sisterhood.  You’ll sleep in the great outdoors:  these retreats are not – though the word “retreat” might have you think – about fluffy down comforters, green smoothies and pedicures.  This is a different kind of self-care.  You’ll learn reverence for yourself and the earth, you’ll connect with the power of your own body, and with courage.  You’ll ask yourself profound questions, and eat s’mores.  


 reWILD adventures are accessible to all ability and skill levels.


About Me



The most profound ways by which I’ve discovered myself and what I was capable of have happened by way of outdoor adventure.  I have faced my fears on an angry whitewater rapid, battled self-doubt on the face of Mount Kilimanjaro, and found true grit while swimming the thirteen kilometres between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.  Not only seeking challenge and thrill, I gravitate toward the earth when I am lost or confused or need comfort and solace.  I feel deeply compelled to share this with other women.  I believe we are our truest, strongest selves deep in the woods.

I am a life coach and lifelong adventurer.  I am a certified Hike Leader and am certified in Wilderness Remote First Aid.  I spent the formative years of my life as a professional scuba diver, leading groups of students into the magic of the underwater realm.   


When is the next retreat? 


There will be two reWILD retreats in 2018.


Our Spring retreat will be on the summer solstice:  June 21-24.  This retreat a 4-day, 52km backcountry hike through the wilds of Cape Chignecto Provincial Park.  You’ll be guided through the entire process of preparing for this adventure, and be supported to find your deepest strength and capability on this true Heroine’s Journey.  Your investment:  $400 (including accommodation; excluding food and equipment). 


To honour the Fall Equinox on September 21-23, we will be returning to Kejimkujik National Park.  You’ll stay with three other amazing women in your very own OTentik, and relax into a slow-paced weekend of connecting with the Earth and with a deeper sense of sisterhood.  Amazing food, a thrilling night hike, and some much-needed relaxation for your mind and body await!  Your investment:  $400 (including food and accommodation; no equipment required). 


To find out more about reWILD, or to inquire about our next retreat, click on the image below: