Sacred Pregnancy Weekend Retreat

Sacred Pregnancy is a new movement in the world of birth and parenting.


It’s for women who know that having a baby is one of the biggest life transitions she will ever undergo, and that becoming a mother will change her life and rock her world.


This is a movement for women who want to prepare for the transition to motherhood in ways other than just pre-washing the onesies and having a baby shower. Sacred Pregnancy is about deeply exploring and honouring motherhood and what it means for women. It’s about holding space for all the complex and challenging and awesome feelings women feel as they birth and mother their little ones.

Sacred Pregnancy is about re-creating the supportive communities of women that, in other cultures as well as our own many years ago, nurtured and connected with each other in the recognition that we are all in this together, as women and as mothers.
Sacred Pregnancy is about nourishing a generation of confident and empowered women who are strong mothers and pillars in a sisterhood of support and love.


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How do I know this retreat is for me?


Maybe you feel like because you’re already doing prenatal classes, you’re already prepared.

If this retreat were anything like any of the birth preparation currently available to women, I wouldn’t be offering it. This is a chance to explore your deepest feelings about transitioning to motherhood.

As a doula, I have seen time and time again that it is emotional preparedness and well-established support networks that impact women’s birth and motherhood the most.


This isn’t about learning about your options at the hospital or breastfeeding 101, this is about you becoming someone different than you were before: a mother, a mother of two, a different woman.


“I feel the content is great for both first time and beyond mamas, as there’s such an opportunity to explore how we feel – something missed in most first-time pregnancies. I loved this weekend. It brought out feelings I didn’t know were there, which surprised me because I thought I had a good idea of my thoughts/fears/hopes etc… So perfect to spend time 100% focused on me and my pregnancy, birth and motherhood without guilt or judgement. Thank you, thank you!”  –Andrea


What will I experience at the retreat?


The Sacred Pregnancy Retreat is a two-day dive into what it means to be a birthing mother.  Typically held in my oceanside home just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia, when you arrive on Saturday morning you will be greeted with a roaring fire or a lush garden, depending on the season.  The kettle will be steaming and homemade muffins and fruit already set out for you.

All the food at the retreat is homemade, wholesome and plentiful.  There is space and time allowed for you to journal, commune with your fellow mamas, or go for a walk.

On the first day, you and the women you share this retreat with will learn about creating a pregnancy and meditation practice, discuss your connections with your partner, friends and family, your expectations for your birth, food and body image, and do some birth art.  You will go home that night to spend the evening processing, sharing what you’ve learned with your loved ones, and sleeping in your own bed with a thousand pillows.  On the second day, you and your retreat sisters will do a fear releasing and forgiveness exercise, learn about postpartum care, and take part in a sisterhood ceremony that will remind you of the women you have in your life that want to support you in birth and motherhood.  The weekend will be fun and exhiliarating, peaceful and reaffirming, and will leave you feeling deeply connected to your baby and your community of women.

“Giving myself and this pregnancy the space to connect and to explore what it means to me this time was exactly what I needed.”  –Andrea



About Me


I discovered the Sacred Pregnancy movement over three years ago, and its message resonated with me deeply, both as a doula and as a mother.  I became a Sacred Pregnancy Retreat Instructor, and have since gone on to take Sacred Medicine Woman courses and Sacred Scent courses to further my education and ability to support birthing women.

I have often felt that the average prenatal preparation class is deeply lacking in the kind of self-discovery and support for identity shift that is truly needed to help women transition into motherhood fully, wholeheartedly, and joyfully.  This retreat allows me to offer that to birthing women in my community, and I have seen them thrive as a result.

Motherhood is an identity shift, and nothing less.  As a doula, life coach, and mother of two, I have made it my life’s work to support women through that experience.  I feel so honoured to be able to hold space for women who feel the calling of motherhood, and are ready to step into that new way of being.




The cost for the full two-day retreat, including all meals, supplies, a nurturing self-care session (often involving things like Tibetan singing bowls, yoga nidra, chocolate, and henna!) and a beautiful take-home gift to nurture and delight you, is $275.


When is the next retreat?


The next Sacred Pregnancy Retreat is scheduled for April 7 & 8, 2018.  It will be held in Seaforth, Nova Scotia, just outside Halifax.
(there will also be another retreat in October, 2018)


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