Seasonal Women’s Circles

Women’s lives have always kept pace with the fluctuations of Mother Earth.


Because my work centres around supporting women through times of transition, I hold women’s circles on the Spring Equinox and the Winter Solstice** to support and celebrate women through the changes in the season, and their lives.


“Beautiful night with beautiful people. Thankful for the experience and wonderful leadership. Would do it again in a heartbeat!”


“The labyrinth exercise we did at the winter solstice circle was amazing. My higher self gave me a key. It was to unlock my heart.  I feel as though I am able to send and receive love with more ease and less effort.” —Bonnie



There is great wisdom in the way in which, in times past and in other cultures, these liminal spaces in our lives were made softer, in some way, by being honoured with ritual rites of passage.


How do I know this experience is for me?


If you’ve been seeking sisterhood and community, if you’ve been going through a transition in your life or are feeling the pull toward exploring your authentic, aligned self more deeply, you will find a portal through which to access deeper self-awareness and connection during these circles.  Women’s circles are powerful places to feel deeply rooted and beautifully supported.


What will I experience at a women’s circle?


Each of Nalumana’s women’s circles is different, focusing on a different theme inspired by the current season and moon phase.  Circle experiences are a combination of coaching, journaling, sensory experience, meditation, ritual and group work to explore a theme rooted in transition, connection to Mother Earth and sisterhood.


“I just realized how much my life has changed for the better in the past six months and how much the Alignment Workshop was the stepping stone for that! Thank-you Nalumana!!!!!”  –Nathalie


“Thanks again for hosting a truly memorable evening. And to all you amazing women for sharing and holding space. What a night!”




About Me 



I am a professional life coach and birth doula with a deep connection and reverence for the earth.  It is my privilege to hold space and guide process for women in these circles in honour of the way that I have been supported by powerful communities of women myself.  

It is my firm belief that it is through circling together and tapping into our own sense of community and empowerment that women will rise, find our voices, and lead confidently.  The time has come to honour women’s knowledge and ways of finding strength and connection in a world that has quietened and diminished us for far too long.


When is the next circle?


The 2018 Seasonal Women’s Circles will be held on March 18th to honour the Spring Equinox, and December 21st to honour the Winter Solstice.  To ensure that you don’t miss out on registration for these events, sign up for the Nalumana newsletter here.  More details regarding each event and how to register will be posted here as the dates approach.


**reWILD retreats are how we celebrate the Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox around here.  Click here for more details on reWILD.